National Seminar, Pameran Teknologi Pertanian dan Kongres Perhimpunan Teknik Pertanian (PERTETA) held in Banda Aceh on 2-5 November 2017 themed Food, Energy and Water Security by taking sub topic: Food and Plantation, Energy and Renewable Energy, Mechanization and Modernization of Agriculture , Environment and Sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment, Waste Water Treatment, Environment and Agriculture Building, and Soil and water engineering. The speakers at the National Smeinar cover the whole of Indonesia starting from Udayana University, Jember University, Soedirman University, Gadjah Mada University, Instiper Jogjakarta, Instiper Kutai, Brawijaya University, Bogor Agricultural University, Lampung University, Riau University, Andalas University, USU, Syiah Kuala University , University Serambi Mecca and other universities and government research halls.

On this occasion the members of the KPRL, Novia Lusiana, STP, MSi participated as oral speakers with the title of the manuscript is ” Penyusunan Perangkat Lunak untuk Analsis Daya Dukung dan Daya Tampung Lingkungan (MOPELA)”, which received a presentation schedule on November 2, 2017. These national seminars include, delivery of materials from keynote speakers, oral presentations by giver, congress PERTETA, and fieldtrip to the Sabang region.