Tabel 1. Members of Regospem UB

No. Name Specialization Institution
1 Dr. Ir. Bambang Rahadi Widiatmono MS Environmental Management Faculty of Agricultural Technology
2 Dr.Eng. A. Adi Sulianto, STP, M.Eng Management of Coastal Zones Faculty of Agricultural Technology
3 Dr. Eng. I Nyoman Wijaya Suluh, ST, MT Spatial Settlement Faculty of Engineering
4 Euis Elih Nurlaelih, SP, MP Spatial Settlement Faculty of Agricultural
5 Novia Lusiana, STP, MSi Management of Natural Resources and Environment Faculty of Agricultural Technology



Environmental Engineering Research Group became superior and able to actively participate in the development of science and technology in environmental management through processes, research, training and community service that have holistic minded.



Environmental Management Research Group Engineering has a mission: To conduct research, training, and community service in the field of environmental management in an integrated and holistic.



  • Produce research that can use for community service that is useful for the design of management.
  • Assist decision making of the government in environmental governance for achieving development that have environmentally perception and have control the environmental damage.



Five-year reaseach plan of the Research Group of Spatial Planning for Environmental Resource Management  (REGOSPEM) aimed at developing models of carrying capacity and environmental capacity. Reseach plan in 2013 – 2018 based on human resources, facilities and infrastructure. At this time REGOSPEM was newly developed while issues of environmental concerns and demands of solution of environmental problems stakeholders become more complex, and corresponding to the ideals of the government to achieve sustainable development, REGOSPEM participate and contribute in creation of environmentally perception of the spatial planning. For that goals REGOSPEM needs a good and correct management.


The formation of research groups REGOSPEM is an effort to do the research continously, in order to get a complete research results according to the research targets. So in the next five years REGOSPEM has a strategic plan in order below :

  • The realization of the organizational structure of the group of researchers.
  • Realizing a continuous and planned research.
  • Being able to implement the results of research through training and community service, which can be used to fill in the integrated planning of coastal and watershed management for government agencies.
  • Establish networks between universities and stakeholders inside and outside the country.
  • The availability of infrastructure for research.


Organization Structure

The organization structure of the group of researchers consisting of the principal researchers and supporting staff. On the implementation, supporting staff more than the principal reseachers because of limitations that have to fit the format of the proposed research. Due to the limitations that have to fit the format, organization structure of the REGOSPEM is as in Picture 1.

Bagan Organisasi

Picture 1 shows the relationship mechanisms of researchers. Principal researcher consists of the chairman and members of the researcher. While support personnel fulfilling the role of secretariat, treasurer, assistant researchers and surveyors.